Welcome to my Queendom. My name is Renuka, also known to some as Queen Bitch, but most often people call me Ren. If you want to know how I got to be Queen Bitch, check out the About Me page.

You’ve possibly landed here because you’ve had either a direct or virtual encounter with me most likely at a live event or via one of my audio products. Maybe you’re here because someone suggested you check out what I have to say. Nonetheless, I’m glad you came.

Because I value your time, I want to make sure you get at least one brilliant gem to add to your own crown. However, in order to get it, you’ll need to read my blog in its entirety. My purpose is to communicate and connect with you using my personal stories and some painful lessons that shifted me from being a nice, compromising, agreeable lady to a respected, courageous, empowered woman, who is still in the process of evolution.


Because this process didn’t happen overnight, in fact, at times it felt more like a jackass with it’s hind hooves digging into the ground, there will be times you’ll get to laugh, shed a tear or two, and occasionally shout. Whatever emotions bubble up for you, or neurons fire under your crown, I encourage you to let it flow. This is most likely due to you seeing you in my story. Allow me to serve you simply by being vulnerable, sharing a part of me I probably have not revealed before, and confirming that I am not that different from you…so you are not alone.

Should you want additional direction, you can check out the Resources page.

So, are you ready for this ride of vulnerability? Are you ready to get real?
Great, let’s relax, have a cup of tea while you read my blog.