Ode to the Queen

MaartenVanNusFrom the back of the room, a voice bombastic, mike please!

The one standing in wait their butt cheeks tightly squeeze.

They and their ego hear now the words most are afraid to say,
but can they hear and see the depth of caring on display.

Yes, she’ll challenge those beliefs the words rolling in your head,
some there since lying at night on that lonely childhood bed.

Your soul she will enlighten, pushing you to a clear self awaken,
yet some sadly not hearing the love behind the words their ears have taken.

One just to look into eyes brimming with love and care,
her energy her words used to out the best in you she sees in there.

This I know as I stand here becoming the man I am today,
for I choose to hear the love behind the words most dare not say.

– Maarten Van Nus