Confession of a Regretful Girl

Having been raised in a strict Christian home in Fiji and Canada, I was basically taught that homosexuality was a sin. Because I was a sheltered child I didn’t understand what sex was so the word homosexuality was a big word that had no real meaning to me.

From junior high school to present day, I’ve been blessed to know and consider wonderful people as friends. Some of these folks are gay. They have treated me with respect, love, and kindness.  They have loved and lost, just like me. I cannot comprehend why the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has been diluted to something that gets thrown around in conversations but not embraced, protected, and exercised as the Declaration of Independence intended; ALL human beings have been given by their Creator and for the protection of which they institute governments.


Renuka’s Secret Confession

Grammy Wedding

Grammy Awards 2014

Renuka: Did you happen to see the Grammy Awards on January 26th? Specifically Macklemore’s performance of his hit “Same Love” and the mass wedding ceremony following the song. By far this moment has been moving for me on TV. I have a hard time accepting we still live at a time, even in first world countries, women don’t have equality, and people can’t choose whom to marry.

As I watched the couples exchange rings (straight and gay couples) and hug each other with tears streaming down their faces, I couldn’t help feeling their achievement of conquering to have basic rights to legally share their lives together.

As the tears rolled my face, I remembered 2 male friends who took their own lives, one when we were in grade 12, and the other at university, because they never believed they would be accepted by their families and friends for being different.

Even though I felt like I treated them like I treated everyone else, I never verbally acknowledged that I accepted them for who they were for fear of being bullied by other kids. I wonder if I had the courage back then and let them know I loved them if it would have made a difference and they would still be on the planet.

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