Online E Modules: Coming Soon

  • Authentic Wealth Mastery (2014)
  • Authentic Mind Mastery (2014-2015)
  • Authentic SoulMates for Couples (2015)
  • Authentic SoulMates for Singles (2015)
  • Authentic Life Mastery (2015)

ASAL Icon for QBAuthentic Speaker Academy for Leadership

  • 8 Month Live Intensive Training
  • Exclusive enrollment of maximum 12 qualified protégés per annum
  • Now accepting applications for 2015

AWM Icon for QBAuthentic Wealth Mastery

Strategies for Tapping Into and Cashing In on your Unique Value Set

  • Design ways to multiply your income without getting additional qualifications.
  • Discover how to eliminate the competition so that customers/clients think of you first.
  • Construct ways to automate your income so that you can make money while you sleep.

AMM Icon for QB Authentic Mind Mastery

Master Your Mind and You Master the Direction of Your Destiny

  • Work with a dedicated team to assist you in uncovering what is truly important to you so that you can start living your life on purpose.
  • Get the system for making the right decision for you every time, so you can have certainty about all your choices.
  • Discover how to remove your limiting beliefs so that you can embrace your personal power to live a successful and fulfilling life.

ASM Icon for QBAuthentic SoulMatesfor Singles

Your Personal Compass for Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life

  • Stop wasting time dating people who appear to have great potential but are going nowhere so that you can find the love of your life.
  • Get absolutely clear about the partner you want so that you can get them.
  • Learn how to attract a partner who really gets you so that you can experience being loved in the most intimate way.

ASC Icon for QBAuthentic SoulMatesfor Couples

Create a Lasting Compromise-Free Relationship with Your Beloved

  • Discover the #1 predictor of divorce so that you can recognize and stop it from happening to your relationship.
  • Remove the anxiety by incorporating the 5 foundations of uncompromised relationship so that you can have the security of a loving environment that allows you and your relationship to flourish.
  • Re-romanticize your relationship in less than 5 minutes a day so that you can give and get love in a way that makes you feel valued and deeply cherished every day.

ALM Icon for QBAuthentic Life Mastery

Beyond Success to Creating an Impactful Legacy

  • Discover how to integrate the Body, Mind, Emotions, & Soul so that you have a rich spiritual, physical, emotional, and material life.
  • Rediscover your true voice; learn to speak with power and conviction that can only come from being connected to the depth of your authentic soul.
  • Start designing your legacy so that you make a positive impactful difference in the world beyond your lifetime.
  • After this event you will have a reliable structure for effortlessly creating the legacy you want to leave.

EFM Icon for QBEFM Audio Technology

Complete Manifestation System

Digital Download (coming in 2014)

You are about to discover a scientific breakthrough in mind power research that could change absolutely every aspect of your life forever. This amazing discovery has never been made available to the general public until now.

It has taken over 20 years of extensive research and science to bring to you what is now believed to be the most powerful success formula in the history of mankind. This breakthrough technology is called the Equation for Manifestation or EFM Audio Technology and it is the first technology of its kind that breaks all the rules of business and success! EFM Audio Technology combines over 20 years of research and science in Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Psychology, Brain Wave Patterns and The Law of Resonance.

EFM Audio Technology is the first technology of its kind that will actually fine-tune your brain waves to broadcast the resonance of success while removing the energy blocks that have prevented you from achieving total and long lasting fulfillment in all areas of your life. Using this amazing technology, you will begin to attract everything you want into your life. You can believe it because it’s true! Warning! If you are NOT interested in living the life of your dreams, then EFM Audio Technology is not for you.

DRT-EgoDon’t Read This Your Ego Won’t Like it!

How your ego-mind has been determining what you attract, (and it may not have been what you want)

  • The missing link of manifestation… This is one NO ONE talks about and very few even know.
  • Why drug dealer can win the lottery and decent people are struggling
  • Why building your self esteem can be so damaging
  • Why miserable people want you to hang out with them
  • The four simple steps to getting the ego-mind out of the way for more peace, harmony and getting what you want to actually start wanting you.
  • How your mind works like a ‘mad scientist’ and how you can immediately start turning it into a ‘good scientist’
  • Discover the science and application of the ‘X’ factor for taking you way beyond the Law of Attraction.


DRT-MoneyDon’t Read This Unless You Want More Money!

  • Why your friends guarantee your financial affluence or poverty
  • Discover how to get people to Bang Down Your Door to Give You Money
  • How to get rich while you relax by the pool – and so much more!


7Fruits_QB_product_icon7 Fruits of Excellence

Focus Meditation

Digital Download (coming in 2014)


DRSleepDeep Rejuvenating Sleep

Sleep Meditation

Digital Download (coming in 2014)


SeizeSeize Your Ideal Day

Waking Meditation

Digital Download (coming in 2014)